The Adventures of BJ and Tony Morris
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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Can you recommend a tour or travel agent?  We are always somewhat reluctant to give travel advice.  It started years ago, when we got home from a place in Jamaica that we absolutely LOVED.  We raved and raved about it; enough so that two friends of ours went; and didn’t like a single thing about the place.  Everybody has a different set of expectations.  Ours fit our lifestyle – travel often, travel cheap.  As it turns out, our friends took only one vacation a year, and didn’t mind spending a lot of money; which they could do because they seldom travel. 

That said – here’s what we do.  Long ago, we decided not to do the organized tours… it always seemed like they were chock full of old people.  Well… we are old people now, but over time have learned that we like getting into the local scene rather than hanging out at the tourist spots.  Yeah, we’re tourists, but don’t want to appear that way to locals.  We occasionally go into museums, and visit the popular tourist spots, but are happier just walking around, off the (crowded) beaten path, checking out the architecture, having a beer and a brat’ with the locals in a cheap, smoky pub.  Tony likes driving, with BJ as the navigator.  That lets us get into places that we might not otherwise ever get to visit.  And since we almost never have hotel reservations for “tonight” (we just find a place where ever we happen to be; some are winners; some not so much) if we happen into a town that we really like, we can stay an extra day “here”.  That doesn’t fit well with travel agents, or organized tours.  It’s not for everybody, but it is what we’ve been doing for more than 20 years now.  It also helps that we get to travel (almost) for free; if a trip goes badly, we don’t have much money invested, and can bail out.  Or if we like a place a lot, we know we can go back.

2.  Where can I get the best deal on airfare?  We are the wrong people to ask.  We have probably only bought two confirmed tickets in the past 25 years.  We hear that good deals can be found on Orbitz or one of the consolidator web sites.  Listening to Clark Howard is always a good practice too.

3.  How many bags should I check on my trip?  NONE, zero, zippo, nil, nada...  Get the jist?  Tony used to work in the Baggage Service Area and HE would never check a bag.

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BJ and Tony Morris