The Adventures of BJ and Tony Morris


BJ's Embroidery & Digitizing Services

My passion is digitizing! I love to digitize difficult designs and turn them into beautiful embroidery that my customers can be proud of. I am proficient with MasterWorks II software as well as Microsoft Image Composer so I can tweak your image if necessary. I have digitized designs from vague pencil drawings to sharp digital images and everything in between.

Please send an email to with your design attached as a .jpg file and I will email you back with an estimate of the cost to digitize it. Please specify what size you want the final design to be.

I guarantee your satisfaction with the design or you don't pay!

I also love to do machine embroidery - I especially like to make one-of-a-kind personalized gifts that amaze the recipient. Things like this t-shirt that makes me and Lucy the envy of the dog park. She thinks it is because she is the cutest dog there, but I know it's my t-shirt!

Here are some other examples of gifts I have made for myself and others. Hope this gives you some ideas. I'd love to make you an amazingly fun gift or take care of your business need for logo attire.  Click on the thumbnail to enlarge.

Email me at with questions or to get a quote for your project. Thanks for your interest!

There's nothing more precious than a baby!  New parents are always thrilled to get personalized baby gifts!  You can order some of these designs at my Etsy shop: 

Baby_061129_0_Embroidery_Ally_Bear.jpg (49403 bytes) Baby_061208_0_Embroidery_Armani_Sophia_Bear.jpg (37245 bytes) Baby_090124_02_Embroidery_Viking_Baby.jpg (40691 bytes) Baby_090208_02_Embroidery_Seibert.jpg (27241 bytes) Baby_100901_09_Embroidery_Ryen_Blanket.jpg (38032 bytes) Baby_100914_04_Embroidery_Owl_Love_You_Forever.jpg (39212 bytes) Baby_110128_02_Embroidery_Baby_Sophia_Crayon_Bib.jpg (20645 bytes) Baby_110128_07_Embroidery_Baby_Sophia_Pins_Onsie.jpg (17020 bytes) Baby_110128_09_Embroidery_Baby_Sophia_Pacifier_Onsie.jpg (16741 bytes) Baby_110128_12_Embroidery_Baby_Sophia_Beads_Onsie.jpg (31443 bytes) Baby_110128_13_Embroidery_Baby_Sophia_Onsie.jpg (16314 bytes) Baby_110328_00_Embroidery_Baby_Burroughs.jpg (12372 bytes) Baby_01111002_Embroidery_Blanket.jpg (48707 bytes) Baby_01111005_Embroidery_Pooh.jpg (43135 bytes) Baby_01421001_Embroidery_Kimberly_Rose_Longwell_Outfit.jpg (42267 bytes) Baby_03206001_Embroidery_Dalmations.jpg (29366 bytes)

Sheets, Hand Towels, Dish Towels, Placemats and Bed Linens can all be personalized with beautiful monograms.

Linen_070930_00_Embroidery_B_Towes.jpg (45917 bytes) Linen_071108_00_Embroidery_Clay_Jenny_Wedding.jpg (38886 bytes) Linen_071209_1_Embroidery_Jon_House.jpg (57128 bytes) Linen_090105_00_Embroidery_Dorothy_Bib.jpg (57627 bytes) Linen_090105_02_Embroidery_Hand_Towel_Ted_Rachel_Wright.jpg (31323 bytes) Linen_100107_05_Embroidery_Embossed_M.jpg (64142 bytes) Linen_100706_00_Embroidery_Placemats_C.jpg (43897 bytes) Linen_100827_07_Embroidery_Migliore.jpg (31340 bytes) Linen_110108_00_Embroidery_Brians_Bar_Carinas_Kuchen.jpg (36858 bytes) Linen_110318_00_Embroidery_Curious_Marys_Kitchen.jpg (65242 bytes)

These are more conservative gifts for weddings, birthdays & special occasions.

Gift_081004_01_Embroidery_Ryen_Bunny.jpg (72827 bytes) Gift_100513_00_Embroidery_Cosmetic_Kit_for_Kalin.jpg (65662 bytes) Gift_100628_00_Embroidery_Heute_ist_mein_Geburstag.jpg (42680 bytes) Gift_110129_03_Embroidery_Wine_Bag_Miraya.jpg (29769 bytes) Gift_110207_11_Embroidery_Picture_Frame_Winnie_Leonard.jpg (55713 bytes) Gifts_03c22001_Embroidery_Gifts.jpg (55076 bytes) Gifts_081209_03_Embroidery_Carina_Pillow.jpg (46592 bytes) Gifts_090626_02_Embroidery_Carina_Cooler.jpg (50252 bytes) Gifts_100802_00_Embroidery_Birthday_Shirt.jpg (27687 bytes) Gifts_01624001_Embroidery_Ballet.jpg (24898 bytes)

I can do serious things too.  Here are some examples:

Business_050820_1_Embroidery_Woolfolk_Labcoat.jpg (30010 bytes) Business_051207_2_Embroidery_LGEFCU_Jackets.jpg (54837 bytes) Business_081203_01_Embroidery_Travelport_Shirt.jpg (48071 bytes) Business_00822002_Embroidery_ValuCycle_Cap.jpg (19271 bytes) Business_01121001_Embroidery_ValuCycle_Shirts.jpg (56269 bytes) Business_01826005_Embroidery_ValuCycle_Shirts.jpg (37880 bytes) Business_02909001_Embroidery_Robs_Carpets.jpg (19691 bytes) Business_03902007_Embroidery_Ray_Hughes_Homes.jpg (30033 bytes)

Those card players in your circle of friends need to enhance their wardrobe too.

Cards_080312_02_Embroidery_Sofa_King.jpg (58682 bytes) Cards_080531_01_Embroidery_Poker_Fold_Laundry.jpg (46929 bytes) Cards_110226_02_Embroidery_Bs_Betting_Basement.jpg (57030 bytes)

These great gifts were designed to showcase the fun interests of the recipient.  How about something to wear to the Sci-Fi convention or a pocket full of pens and pencils and a watch on the cuff that shows it is always 5 o'clock?  Dislike someone?  A voodoo doll in your pocket might get the message across.  For that choco-holic, a pocket full of candy.  Know someone getting lasik surgery? I bet they would love to have a "no glasses" shirt to wear.  Surprise party goers by wearing a shirt with a permanent "Hello my name is" nametag.

Fun_050825_1_Embroidery_Sandy_Fry.jpg (68258 bytes) Fun_061212_1_Embroidery_LGEFCU_Umbrella.jpg (47431 bytes) Fun_080927_00_Embroidery_Travelport_Migration.jpg (40334 bytes) Fun_081206_00_Embroidery_Bama_Ala_not_O.jpg (88042 bytes) Fun_090626_05_Embroidery_Carina_Mom.jpg (76194 bytes) Fun_01527004_Embroidery_Pocket_Stuff.jpg (41709 bytes) Fun_01812002_Embroidery_Sunglasses_Swimsuit.jpg (70715 bytes) Fun_01812003_Embroidery_Pilot_Voodoo_Doll.jpg (59924 bytes) Fun_01812005_Embroidery_Candy.jpg (60596 bytes) Fun_04103001_Embroidery_Lasik_Shirt.jpg (49032 bytes) Fun_99813005_WSP_Golf.jpg (33085 bytes)

I took a light panel from a sweatshirt I bought many years ago and adapted it to a new design to make the sparks fly over an Atlanta sky for a New Year's Shirt!

Holiday_051231_2_Embroidery_New_Years.jpg (73582 bytes) Holiday_081012_00_Embroidery_Shop_Til_You_Drop.jpg (63065 bytes)

Matched Sets
Sometimes you just can't find the perfect shirt to match those pants.  How about picking up the design from the fabric and repeating it on the shirt?

Misc_090914_06_Embroidery_Flowers.jpg (52850 bytes) Misc_100821_00_BJ_Embroidery.jpg (17781 bytes)

Get your dog a job working Security or put your cat on the S.W.A.T. team. Outfit yourself for the next trip to the dog park!

Pets_Lucy_Security.jpg (152193 bytes) Pet_Lola_SWAT.jpg (76004 bytes) Pets_110405_15_Embroidery_I_Love_Lucy.jpg (60228 bytes)

I've done some work for religious and charitable organizations. I'm always happy to give a discount for a good cause.

Religious_Charity_080605_01_Embroidery_Luau.jpg (34708 bytes) Religious_Charity_00822001_Embroidery_WOL_Cap.jpg (26373 bytes) Religious_Charity_02414003_Embroidery_Peace_Mobile.jpg (38487 bytes) Religious_Charity_03331002_Embroidery_Rebuilding.jpg (48609 bytes) Religious_Charity_03902001_Embroidery_Cross.jpg (26523 bytes)

I love opportunities to celebrate! Especially to celebrate the accomplishments of someone who is retiring!

Retirement_050928_0_RLR_Embroidery_Shirt.jpg (32626 bytes) Retirement_060625_16_Embroidery_Heath_Retirement.jpg (31510 bytes) Retirement_080522_06_Embroidery_Retired_Rita_Shirt.jpg (40378 bytes) Retirement_100802_01_Embroidery_Retired_Limerick_Junction_Shirt.jpg (62394 bytes) Retirement_100802_02_Embroidery_Retiree_Shirt.jpg (38804 bytes)

This is my travel uniform. I get comments from fellow travelers and flight crew alike on this one!

Travel_04211002_Embroidery_Passport.jpg (42020 bytes)

Tony and I are BBQ Judges!  Sounds cool - and it IS!  I embroider the logos from each contest we judge on our BBQ Judging Shirts.  Of course, we are the envy of the other judges.

BBQ_00b07004_Embroidery_Pig_Jig.jpg (57652 bytes) BBQ_00b07005_Embroidery_Meat_on_the_Mississippi.jpg (77578 bytes) BBQ_00b07006_Embroidery_Ham_Slam.jpg (59513 bytes) BBQ_00b07007_Embroidery_Pig.jpg (66362 bytes) BBQ_03a13001_Embroidery_Hog_Happenin.jpg (69716 bytes) BBQ_03a13003_Embroidery_Hernando_BBQ.jpg (62295 bytes) BBQ_01527005_Embroidery_Memphis_In_May.jpg (64383 bytes)

My friend rode his bicycle from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean in one month.  I thought that deserved a t-shirt!

Sports_090313_00_Embroidery_Mark_Thompson_Bicycle.jpg (53568 bytes)

"Golf is my Life" is my creed! What I lack in playing skills, I make up for in creative attire!

Golf_00b07003_Embroidery_Designated_Driver.jpg (31000 bytes) Golf_090914_03_Embroidery_Golf_Under_Par.jpg (36942 bytes) Golf_090914_04_Embroidery_Triple_Bogey.jpg (26417 bytes) Golf_090914_05_Embroidery_Golf_Watch_and_Learn.jpg (36644 bytes) Golf_02914001_Embroidery_Betty_Ford_Golf_Addiction.jpg (27912 bytes)

These are just examples to give you an idea of what I can do. I'd love to make you an amazingly fun gift or take care of your business need for logo attire.  Email me at with questions or to get a quote for your project. Thanks for your interest!

Take a look at my Etsy shop to see the gifts I have available.