The Adventures of BJ and Tony Morris



Packing Lists

The following packing lists are provided to give you an idea of what we like to take on most trips.  The key is to have everything you need to be comfortable on your trip but not to over pack.  Let the shoes you wear for travel be your only shoes and you will have plenty of room for everything else you need.  And remember, not every person needs to carry every item.  Compare notes with your fellow travelers to cut back on what you need to pack.  Be sure to place a business card or name, phone number and e-mail address inside each piece of luggage.  (Ideally you should only have one carry on bag and a purse, fanny pack or small backpack - remember - you don't want to check any luggage you can't do without.)

Day and a half Pack (Most Versitile - Can be used for hiking, bicycling, backpacking)
Roller Board Bag (BJ's *Eagle Creek Switchback 22 has backpack straps and a zip off day pack.  *Not suitable for cobblestone streets)

Standard Gear for Most Trips
Nylon Zip Off Leg Pants (*2 Pair – *# varies depending on type of trip)
Nylon Long Pants (*1 pair – *# varies depending on type of trip)
Performance Shirts [quick drying synthetic fabric] (2 long sleeve, 2 short sleeve)
Belt (Tony’s has a built in bottle opener)
Fleece Jacket
Raincoat (Waterproof, Breathable)
Rain pants (Waterproof, Breathable)
Folding Umbrella (Very Small)
Baseball Cap (Waterproof – this keeps the hood of your raincoat out of your eyes)
Silk Long Underwear (top & bottoms)
Nylon underwear/panties (5 pair)
Socks (2 pair padded sports socks – I like Fox River)
Shoes (Waterproof, Comfortable)
Gloves (2 pair – 1 fleece, 1 waterproof shell)
Earmuffs or Windproof Headband
Swimsuit (can double as shorts for males)
Pajamas or Sleepwear
Flip-flops (shower shoes)
Toilet Tissue or Tissue Packet (In case of emergency)
Camera (digital memory or film and battery or recharger)
Mini Tri-Pod
Walkie Talkies
Batteries and Recharger
Sunglasses (Polarized)
Travel Guide
Zip Lock Bags (a few small & large)
Water Bottle
Plastic Cups
Travel Vouchers/Tickets
Reservation Information (Car/Hotel/Airline)
Flight Information
Telephone *Alternate Cell or Sim Card
Travel Alarm Clock (If your watch or phone does not have one)
Emergency Phone List
Photo Identification
Passport if required
Discount Cards (AAA, AARP, Student ID)
Information for accessing Internet Account from Internet Cafe
Tiny Travel Laptop Computer (We have ASUS EEE)
Network Cable
Liquid Toiletries (All in 3 oz [100ml] containers inside 1 QT ziplock bag)
        Hair Gel
        Hair Spray
        Hygiene Products
        Contact Solution
        Bug Repellant
Toiletries (All Travel Size - BJ uses a Hanging Toiletry Kit from R.E.I)
        Soap (Small Hotel Size)
        Contact Case
        Sewing Kit
        Soap Dish

Additional Gear for Entertainment
Crossword Puzzle Book
Deck of Cards
Corkscrew (Plastic)
Bottle Opener

Additional Gear for Foreign Travel
Foreign Language Dictionary or Translation Guide
Adapter Plug and/or Converter
Extension Cord (for the hair dryer in case the outlet is not near a mirror - may also be needed on the airplane for plugs with large heads)
Foreign Money (left over from previous trips)
Photocopy of Passport (ask a friend to carry)
Battery Operated Fan (for travel to Europe in the Summer - Hotels rarely have air-conditioning)

Additional Gear for Beach Trip
Beach Towel
Bug Repellant
Masks, Snorkels, Fins
Fishing Gear

Additional Gear for Golf Trip (most Beach Trip Gear required)
Golf Clubs
Golf Shoes
Golf Balls
Golf Tees
Stroke Counter 

Additional Gear for Ski Trip
Ski Boots
Ski Socks
Wool Long Underwear
Ski Bibs
Ski Goggles
Chemical Hand & Foot Warmers
Walkie Talkies

Additional Gear for Bicycle Trip
Bicycle Handlebar Bag
Gel Saddle
Bicycle Helmet
Bicycle Cable Lock
Bicycle Pump
Plastic Bags
Handlebar attachable Rear View Mirror
Handlebar attachable Horn
Garbage Bags or Backpack Cover (for rain)
Cutting Board
Zip Ties
Bungee Cords
Tools (be aware of airline carry on restrictions)
Duct Tape

Additional Gear for Backpacking Trip (for 2)
Tent (5.5lbs)
Ground Cloth (1lb)
Mattress Pads (Orange = 1.75lb & Red = 1.25lb)
Sleeping Bags (Blue = 4.25lb & Black = 3.5lb)
Cookware (1.5lb)
Food (1.75lb)
Batteries, Light Stick, etc. (1lb)
First Aid Kit (.25lb)
Headlight (.5lb)
Flashlight (.25lb)
Scoop (.25lb)
Magnesium Chairs (2lbs)
Camp Shoes (1lb)
Fleece Pants (2lbs)
Toilet Paper
Fire Starter
Matches (waterproof)
Gas Stove
Water Filter
Powdered Drink Mix
Duct Tape (great remedy for blisters)

Dressing for Travel
Wrinkle-free pants (BJ wears TravelSmith Go-Anywhere Pants.  Tony wears Prana nylon pants with nylon belt, plastic buckle & velcro fly)
Short Sleeve Shirt (BJ wears a TravelSmith Tee Shirt, Tony opts for a nylon long sleeve shirt with sleeves that roll up)
Long Sleeve Shirt (BJ wears as a a jacket in case it is cool on the plane)
Shoes (BJ brings light weight bedroom slippers for international flights)