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March 2001
"Water, Water Everywhere"

This was the best walkabout yet! As you may recall, BJ and I have tried foreign walking-trips on three previous occasions, all in Ireland. The first trip had us "Lost in the Burren", the second had us doing a "Limerick to Dublin near-Death March" and the third one, (the only "successful" one) went without a hitch. Well let me tell you. As much as I enjoy walking about in Ireland, walking about in Germany, at least where we were is just as pretty, and certainly simpler to "get right". Perhaps it was the planning. Perhaps it was the location. Most likely, it was the company. This time we traveled with friends (they must be friends, because they were willing to try a German walkabout, after hearing about our first three tries). Mister H and Mizz N, longtime nonrev buds, walked with us.

Our trip started with Business Elite seats for Mizz N, BJ and I on Friday, the 23rd of March. Mister H, who was already in Frankfurt, on business, met us as we arrived Saturday morning. A quick walk down to the Frankfurt Airport train station had us on a 1-transfer train to the town of Bacharach, on the Rhine, around noon. (Note: on weekends, up to 5 people can travel together for the same price as one!!) Our trip was loosely based on a biking trip referenced in the book, Rick Steves' Germany, Austria & Switzerland Rick describes biking along the Rhine, from north to south, and mentions many interesting sights along the way. We chose to reverse the direction, moving south to north, in order to follow the "fall" of the river... I'd rather walk "downhill" than "uphill". (Actually, there was only about a 5 meter drop in height along the entire 45 kilometer walk…downhill was all in my mind.) Since the three of us had flown all night, and Mister H had started work Saturday morning at 0500, in order to be done when we arrived, we elected to call it an early day and find a place to stay in Bacharach. Our first stop was for lunch at a small café in Bacharach (since March is not high season along the Rhine, the selection of open restaurants and hotels was slightly limited.

01324001 FRA Bacharach Hilton Nancy Tony BJ.JPG (34068 bytes)

Our overnight towns, however, are sufficiently tourism-oriented that we never had a problem finding a place to eat, drink or sleep). After a beer or two, and some wonderful "goullaschesuppe" (think Hungarian goulash without the noodles), we searched out our first night's hotel.  By the way, we also learned that, in Germany, "Malzbeer" is NOT a "malty flavored beer", as expected, but is an alcohol-free beer, served to children. This was learned the hard way. We checked into a small, centrally located hotel (whose name escapes me... it was okay, but not memorable) dropped our packs, requested breakfast at 9am, and checked out the sights in town.

01324002 FRA Bacharach Tony Hilton Nancy.JPG (67198 bytes) 01324003 FRA Bacharach Nancy Tony BJ.JPG (81822 bytes) 01324004 FRA Bacharach.JPG (30105 bytes)

After a bit of wandering, we settled into a beer hall (Das Wolffhule... or some such) for beer, dinner and the chance to watch Germany play somebody in a soccer match, that had the "locals" pretty excited... especially when Germany came from behind to win 2-1.

01324010 FRA Bacharach Hilton Nancy BJ Tony.JPG (49738 bytes)

Back to the hotel, to bed early, since "tomorrow" was going to be our first walking day.

Sunday morning broke overcast, spitting rain, with the temperature in the low 50's... perfect walking weather. After a traditional breakfast of (in this case, and only this case, warm) rolls, butter, cheese, meats, juice and coffee, we started north towards our Sunday destination, St. Goar. In case I haven't mentioned it before, we learned that the Rhine floods almost every March.

01325001 FRA Rhine Buoy.JPG (43267 bytes) 01325002 FRA Hilton Nancy Tony.JPG (53563 bytes) 01325003 FRA Nancy Tony BJ.JPG (65495 bytes) 01325004 FRA Statue.JPG (23535 bytes)

This is a result of rain down south, mixed with snowmelt in Switzerland. In years when it rains a lot, and it’s particularly warm, the river overflows its banks by a good bit. That would describe this year. According to our “guide”, (Rick Steves), there is a bike path almost the entire way from Bacharach to Koblenz (our ultimate destination). While we did get to walk on the path most of the way, there were places where it was underwater, forcing us to move “up” onto the roadway. 

  01325011 FRA Tony Hilton.JPG (77936 bytes)

It was incredible watching the fast moving river flowing right up to the edge of the roadway, or train tracks. Even the channel markers in the river were almost underwater. (Actung! Hochwasser!). Additionally, as a result of the flow, the ferries that cross the Rhine every 10 or 15 kilometers, were shut down, making our decision to start on the west bank a fortunate one. Anyway, striking northwards at 10am, we reached Oberwessel at 12:15 and stopped for some “refreshment” (both clocks in Oberwessel said 1:15, but “machts nichts”.) 

01325007 FRA BJ Tony.JPG (44938 bytes)

Continuing our walk after an hour’s break had us walking past the “Killer Reefs”, marked by the “Seven Maidens”, just above the famous Loreley (a rocky cliff)…the fastest, deepest and narrowest part of the Rhine…the Loreley is noted for its numerous shipwrecks along this part of the river.

01325009 FRA Rhine.JPG (26172 bytes) 01325010 FRA Rhine.JPG (74326 bytes)

Around 3:00pm, at the southern edge of St. Goar, we stopped at a lovely roadside café, with a view of the Loreley for some additional “refreshments” and a late lunch. The look on our young waitresses face was, interesting, to say the least, when one of our group inquired “Du bis goullaschesuppe?”, hoping to repeat yesterday’s lunch treat. What was intended was “Haben sie goullaschesuppe?”, meaning, “Do you have goulash soup?”. What was actually said was “You are goulash soup.” Understand her confusion.

01325012 FRA Boat BJ Nancy.JPG (41050 bytes) 01325015 FRA Boat Tony.JPG (57318 bytes) 01325016 FRA St. Goar BJ Nancy Hilton Tony.JPG (67290 bytes)01325017 FRA St. Goar.JPG (76566 bytes) 01325018 FRA St. Goar.JPG (74097 bytes)

Reaching St. Goar proper, we checked into the lovely, and this year, waterfront (it isn’t always) Hotel Am Markt (one of Rick’s recommendations), again requested breakfast at 9am, dropped our bags and headed for the famous castle Berg Rheinfels.   With some of the roads blocked, and us on foot, we managed to get to a point about 150 meters directly below the castle, which was just above us.

01325020 FRA St. Goar.JPG (77625 bytes) 01325021 FRA St. Goar.JPG (86233 bytes)

To walk on the roads would have taken too long, since we understood that the castle closes at 6pm, and doesn’t let anyone in after 5pm, so…straight up the side of the mountain, climbing up slippery slopes and over a 5-foot stone wall.

01325022 FRA Burg Rheinfeld Hilton Tony.JPG (91971 bytes) 01325023 FRA Burgh Rheinfeld Nancy Tony.JPG (76990 bytes)

We arrived at the entrance at exactly 5pm, only to have the proprietor lock the door as we walked up. A small disappointment, but one that was alleviated by “refreshments” back at the hotel about 45 minutes later (we took the road this time…). 

01325029 FRA Burg Rheinfeld.JPG (66052 bytes) 01325025 FRA Burg Rheinfeld Hilton.JPG (35338 bytes) 01325026 FRA Burg Rheinfeld Tony Hilton.JPG (46102 bytes) 01325027 FRA Burg Rheinfeld Tony Hilton Nancy.JPG (52774 bytes) 01325028 FRA Burg Rheinfeld BJ Hilton.JPG (42372 bytes)

Before we left the Am Markt, we asked what their hours of operation were, since we planned to eat dinner there.  They advised that they were open for dinner until 9pm. Since it was now almost 6pm, we decided to go ahead and stay in, eat dinner, enjoy “refreshments” (that’s a polite way of saying beer) and sample some German red wine. Note: the Germans are not particularly famous for their red wine…and for good reason. The whites are wonderful…the reds…not so wonderful. We checked our watches as the manager advised that our waiter was heading home (right at 8pm), paid our tab, then held down the table until it was obvious that the hotel/restaurant wanted to get the doors locked right on the dot at 9pm, ordered one last round of “refreshments” to take upstairs, and headed off to our rooms, and soon, to bed.

Monday morning, up at 8am, and ready for breakfast at 9….funny, the clock in the lobby said 10, but we knew it was 9. A second traditional breakfast (this time the rolls were cold), followed by checkout. As we were about to leave, after seeing yet another “wrong” clock, we finally asked and…you guessed it…Saturday night was their “Spring forward” time change. For the two previous breakfasts, and last night’s dinner, we had been an hour late starting, and finishing, and now we were already an hour behind, since it was really 11am, not 10, as we had thought. On the road, not raining today, but a little cooler, we enjoyed our stroll along the Rhine.

01326003 FRA Nancy Hilton.JPG (56222 bytes) 01326004 FRA Nancy Hilton.JPG (41794 bytes)

Reaching the 4-pub town of Hirzenbach around 12:30, we were saddened to discover all 4 pubs closed. We continued our walk beneath acre after acre of vineyards, to the next town (Bad-something) where we discovered all of THEIR pubs closed as well, until around 4pm. At a stop at a small market (for canned refreshment to go), we learned that Monday-day is the traditional afternoon-off for most pub owners, who will open in the evening.  Live and learn. We made our Monday destination of Boppard around 4pm, toured the town, checked into another lovely now-waterfront hotel (Hotel Rebstock) and enjoyed the sights of the town.

01326005 FRA Boppard.JPG (87445 bytes) 01326006 FRA Boppard.JPG (58636 bytes) 01326009 FRA Boppard.JPG (24920 bytes) 01326010 FRA Boppard.JPG (42057 bytes)

Monday evening we hooked up with one of Mister H and Mizz N’s German friends, Stephan (from previous trips) and enjoyed dinner at the Café Kolsch Pinte.

wpe19B.jpg (29566 bytes) 01326014 FRA Boppard Nancy BJ KinderAmaretto.JPG (41002 bytes) 01326016 FRA Boppard Tony KinderAmaretto.JPG (29585 bytes)

Tuesday morning, after a third traditional German breakfast (this time actually AT 9am), we started the final leg of our walk, towards Koblenz, about 20 kilometers away.

01327001 FRA Boppard.JPG (69918 bytes) 01327002 FRA Nancy Tony Hilton.JPG (45293 bytes) 01327003 FRA Campground.JPG (59279 bytes)

Noon brought us into Spay, for…you guessed it, refreshments, then onward.

01327004 FRA Nancy Tony.JPG (58672 bytes) 01327005 FRA Hilton.JPG (50769 bytes)

The beautiful town of Bad Salzig was next, where, midway through town, several of the “hikers” (the ones who don’t like tree side stops) announced that they wouldn’t mind stopping at a pub, for, uh…relief.  Unfortunately, by this time, we were almost out of Bad Salzig (without even stopping for a beer!) and never passed another open establishment.

01327006 FRA Tony Nancy Hilton Trips.JPG (83212 bytes) 01327007 FRA Hilton Train.JPG (74977 bytes) 01327008 FRA Hilton Train.JPG (44701 bytes) 01327009 FRA Train Coin.JPG (53036 bytes) 01327010 FRA Tony Train.JPG (120367 bytes)

About 2 kilometers further, we encountered an open “Imbiss” (think generic fast food truck stop, in miniature) where we were all able to find relief.  While we were loading up for the last 7 kilometers of today’s walk, a bus marked “Koblenz” pulled up to the Imbiss.  Not one to ignore what was obviously a karmic-action, we elected to spend the best 3.3 Marks (about $1.75) each, and ride into Koblenz, having already done 13Km today. We stopped at the Tourist Information Center in Koblenz, located a nearby hotel (Hotel National…very nice, and convenient to the train station), booked seats on Wednesday’s direct train back to Frankfurt airport, then found a place to kill some time (“refreshments”) while we waited to hook up with several more of their German friends, Thomas and Connie, and their son “Zeeman” (Simon).

01327016 FRA Koblenz Tony Simon.JPG (63067 bytes) 01327017 FRA Koblenz Connie BJ.JPG (55289 bytes) 01327018 FRA Koblenz Simon Nancy.JPG (68637 bytes) 01327022 FRA Koblenz Hilton Thomas.JPG (25383 bytes) 01327023 FRA Koblenz Tony Simon.JPG (40227 bytes) 01327026 FRA Koblenz Tony Simon.JPG (46320 bytes) 01327029 FRA Koblenz Hilton Simon.JPG (47216 bytes) wpe1BF.jpg (17948 bytes)

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at an Italian restaurant around the corner from our hotel (whose name now escapes me…sorry, it was worth remembering), where 6 adults and 1 child had dinner, and 4 carafes of wine, for 200 Marks…under $100.

Back to the hotel and to bed around midnight, since we had a 7:45am train to catch tomorrow.

Wednesday morning, up on time, had us back at the station in time to catch our train, which had us back at the airport in plenty of time for our return flight to Atlanta. Another nice Delta Business Elite flight had us home on time at 3pm. The perfect end to a wonderful trip. 

Things to do different? Not much. I still carry too much in my pack. Next time, there will be one less shirt, and one less pair of pants…and fewer “toiletries”.  BJ’s CD player with MP3 CD’s was great for her (she likes music to keep her pace up), but not so hot for us…next time, we’ll take small external speakers, in addition to the headphones, so we can ALL share the music. Next time….since the outbreak of Hoof and Mouth disease is probably going to make us hold off on the England walkabout that we have tentatively planned, we are thinking… walking or biking along the Mosel, similar to this trip, but with new scenery.  More on that later!

Auf viedersehin!

BJ and Tony Morris