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Lots of people think the life of an airline employee is filled with glamorous trips to exotic destinations, and it is! But it is not a life for the fainthearted!  Stand-by travelers are a different breed.   We actually ENJOY the uncertainty of not knowing whether we will get a seat on an airplane.  We get a rush from being called by the gate agent and told to hurry onto the plane and take any available seat.  If you are fortunate enough to be one of the "proud, the few, the airline employees", be sure to read over our Essential Rules of Non-Revenue Travel to maximize your non-revenue travel experiences.  If you are not a stand-by traveler, most of the rules can be adapted for confirmed travel as well.  See also our Packing Lists and FAQ pages.

Our website is divided into three parts.  The "Trips" section contains diaries and photographs of some of our trips.  The "Events" section contains photos and write-ups about some of our other areas of interest.  The "Family & Friends" section contains pictures and information about our family and friends as well as some links to their websites.

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New Orleans, Louisiana July 2021 BJ & Terri's Trip to New Orleans
Eagle's Nest, Germany October 2019 The Eagle's Nest
Noyers, France May 2018 A Week in Burgundy
San Pedro, Belize March 2018 I can't Belize we made it!
Rudesheim, Cologne & Dusseldorf November 2017 Germany 3 Ways
Tampa, Key West & Cozumel January 2017 Country Cruising
Antwerp, Belgium November 2016 Junk Food
Cologne & Amsterdam August 2016 Bike Barge Trip
Hamburg, Germany August 2016 Luggage Delivery Service
Nice, France November 2015 It's Nicer in Nice
Buenos Aires, Argentina April 2015 Eruption Interruption
Buenos Aires, Argentina March 2015 Don't Cry For Me Argentina
Antwerp, Belgium February 2015 Valentine's Day
Amsterdam & Brugge September 2014 "Bike Barge Trip"
Burgandy & Provence, France July 2014 "River Cruise on A-ROSA, Round 2"
Umbria, Italy May 2014 "Graduation Celebration"
Panama & Costa Rica November 2013 "Ship's Log Star Flyer"
Zurich, Switzerland November 2013 "Expovina"
Switzerland, France,
Germany & Holland
June/July 2013 "River Cruise on A-ROSA"
Colmar, France
& Stuttgart, Germany
November 2012 "Colmar without Kids"
Munich, Germany September 2012 "Oktoberfest"
Limavady, Northern Ireland September 2012 "Nice Day for a Wedding"
Derby, England June 2012 "The Olympic Oylmpic Torch"
Varenna, Italy May 2012 "Coming to Como"
Antwerp, Belgium April 2012 "Lovin' Leuven"
Barcelona, Spain April 2012 "Gaudy Gaudi"
St. George Island, Florida March 2012 "Beauty and the Beach"
Antwerp, Belgium February 2012 "The Regulars"
Prague, Czech Republic January 2012 "Prague Revisited"
St. George Island, Florida December 2011 "Beauty and the Beach"
Dusseldorf, Germany &
San Francisco, California
November 2011 "Time Zone Tolerance Test"
Ennis & Dublin, Ireland November 2011 "Good Craic"
Roquetas de Mar, Spain
& Gibraltar, U.K.
November 2011 "National Lampoon's European Family Vacation"
Roquetas de Mar, Spain September 2011 "Special Delivery"
Amsterdam & Dusseldorf February 2011 "Bucket List"
Madrid & Toledo, Spain November 2010 "Acci� de Gracias en Espa�quot;
London, England August 2010 "Buckingham Palace is Nice Too"
Catalunya, Spain April 2010 "The South Beach Diet"
Sorrento, Italy March 2010 "Lemon Boobs!"
Paris, France November 2009 "Paris on a Zillion Dollars a Day"
D�orf, Germany September 2009 "DTTD - Day Trip to D�orf"
Greek Isles, Greece July 2009 "My Big Fat Greek Birthday"
Girona, Spain May 2009 "Biking near Barcelona"
Cinque Terre, Italy April 2009 "Liberation Day"
Prague, Czech Republic February 2009 "Hangin' with the Crew"
New York, New York February 2009 "A Facebook Success Story"
Beaufort, South Carolina January 2009 "Budapest or Beaufort?"
Pisa, Italy November 2008 "What does this mean?"
Cinque Terre, Italy September 2008 "Kick me in the ..."
Lelystad, The Netherlands July 2008 "de Ark van Noach"
Tortola, BVI May 2008 "Vincent Van Goat"
Prague, Czech Republic February 2008 "D�ji, Dick Weed"
Deer Park, Utah January 2008 "Table for Fourteen Please?"
Brugge, Belgium December 2007 "Dromomania"
Amsterdam, Netherlands November, 2007 "The Ark Has Sailed"
Wehrheim, Germany October 2007 "Attending a Wedding the SMART Way"
Dublin, Ireland August 2007 "Little Ducks All In A Row"
Tortola, BVI August 2007 "...And I have traveled the world!"
Vienna to Budapest July 2007 "Lessons Learned"
Coastal North Carolina June 2007 "How does Pamlico Sound?"
Vienna, Austria May 2007 "Milk and Cream"
Venice, Italy April 2007 "So you are here.  And so are you."
Limavady, Northern Ireland April 2007 "Gordon's Surprise Party"
County Clare, Ireland February 2007 "Going Once...  Going Twice..."
County Clare, Ireland January 2007 "Home Sweet Retirement Home"
Caribbean Cruise November 2006 "Turn of the Century"
Wehrheim, Germany October 2006 "Mail Call"
Leeds, Alabama September 2006 "It's the Pits without BJ"
Southwest Scotland September 2006 "Tony and BJ meet Thomas the Train"
St. George Island, Florida August 2006 "The Tale of the Two Ton Table"
Edinburgh, Scotland June 2006 "World Cup Time"
Sea Island, Georgia June 2006 "The Marys"
Glenderry, Ireland May 2006 "The Derelict Cottage"
Tortola May 2006 "Pay It Forward"
Huntsville, Utah February 2006 "Never Split From The Group"
Galway, Ireland January 2006 "The Soup Diet"
Rome, Italy November 2005 "Thanksgiving Blessings"
Germany Mosel & Rhine October 2005 "Downhill in Both Directions"
Obertshausen, Germany September 2005 "Meet the Schwarzes"
Tegernsee, Germany September 2005 "Would it be easier if you perhaps spoke English?"
New Orleans, Louisiana July 2005 "It IS possible to travel First Class..."
Paris, France April 2005 "Holy Cow!"
Huntsville, Utah March 2005 "Youth & Athletic Ability versus Stamina"
Dublin, Ireland February 2005 "Quest for a Gnome"
Limerick, Ireland February 2005 "Spending Time with Mom"
Rudesheim, Germany November 2004 "Schnitzel and Dressing"
Meersburg, Germany November 2004 "The Case of the Missing Hanschuhe"
Prague, Czech Republic October 2004 "We Have Big Luck!"
Black Forest, Germany July 2004 "Heute Ruhetag"
County Claire, Ireland June 2004 "NOT your Father's Old Ireland"
Rudesheim, Germany May 2004 "Biking on the Rhein"
Columbia River, Oregon April 2004 "The Ship Set Ground..."
Masters & Coastal Georgia April 2004 "No Room at the RV Park"
Prague, Czech Republic February 2004 "We're In!!!"
Dublin, Ireland December 2003 "Quest for a pint of Harp"
Nice, France & Venice, Italy November 2003 "What language shall we speak?"
Tampa October 2003 "Everything that could have gone wrong, didn't!"
Key Largo September 2003 "Margaret and Thatcher"
Vancouver to Anchorage June 2003 "The Legend of the Seas"
Switzerland April 2003 "Bicycling through three countries in one day!"
Venice, Italy January 2003 "Jaw-Dropping Romantic"
Ireland November 2002 "The Gift of Gab"
Germany September 2002 "Who can have the most fun?"
Tortola August 2002 "Beware of Zeus Juice"
France June 2002 "All of the Above"
Belgium March 2002 "A Rib Tickling Breaking Experience"
Ireland January 2002 "Ireland 2 - Morrises 2.  We're tied!!!
New York City December 2001 "Ground Zero"
England November 2001 "Can this be the same child?"
Santiago, Chile July 2001 "Just say NO to Pisco Sours"
Manchester June 2001 "It doesn't matter where you go... "
Ellicot Rock April 2001 "Backpacking"
Germany March 2001 "Water Water Everywhere"
Ireland January 2001 "Ireland 2 - Morrises One"
Madrid and Segovia November 2000 "Thanksgiving"
Montreal/Quebec City July 2000 "Independence Day"
Bermuda April 2000 "Spring Break"
Ireland February 2000 "Ireland Winter Walkaround"
Dude Ranch II July 1993 "Three Days in Intensive Care"
Dude Ranch I June 1991 "That Look"
Grand Canyon June 1990 "Vacation in Hell"


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Family & Friends:

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Daughter - Sandra
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Nephew - Jonathan
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Niece - Lauren
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