The Adventures of BJ and Tony Morris

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Safari Trek

We love our Safari Trek even though we've had a number of problems with it.  I think problems just go with having a motorhome.  As Tony says, "Take all of the operating systems that are in your home and roll them down the highway at 60 miles per hour, jostling them about and see what happens." 

The main problem we had was a roof leak.  It probably wouldn't have been such a major problem, but we didn't realize it for quite a while and it contributed to some other problems.  After we had replaced the inverter, water dripped in on the new one ruining the circuit board.  Once we finally realized we had a roof leak and had it repaired, we think we're well on our way to outfitting the little coach to be just the way we want it. 

We first decided to scrap the Majic Bed idea and go with a futon to replace the somewhat uncomfortable sofabed.  Even after a number of repairs, the Majic Bed just never quite operated flawlessly.  It was a really good concept, but ours just never seemed to fit squarely on the rails and one corner would "jump the track" as we were raising and lowering it.  (We kept the sofabed in case anyone is interested in purchasing it.   It is quite comfortable for one person, but is less so for a party of two.  Send a note to if you are interested.)

The futon worked well for a few trips, but we got tired of having to make it up every night, so we decided we needed a traditional hide-a-bed instead.  We searched for several months until we found one small enough to fit the space.  We found what we thought was the perfect solution at Jennifer Convertibles ( ).    It was the exact size we needed and had a double bed mattress.  The only concern was how we would get it through the door of the motorhome.  It was on sale, so we decided to take a chance and order one.  When it arrived, our fears were realized.  There was no amount of twisting and turning that would get it into the motohome, so we had to disassemble it.  Removing the bed assembly was simple, but we still had to "un-upholster" it and remove the front panel to get it through the door.  Once inside, we had to re-upholster and replace the bed.  It is finally situated and waiting for our first trip. 

We removed the wooden kitchen table and tray table and have purchased a light weight versatile card table that we keep folded until we need it.  I really prefer the open space left after removing the table so that I can do the motorhome dance while Tony is driving!  We have removed the heavy wooden dining chairs in exchange for some folding aluminum ones.

The leaky roof left some ugly spots on the wallpaper, but we have disguised those with a border that says "There's no place like home".  Its a little tacky, but that's the theme we've decided on.  Now we're trying to figure out what to do with the outside.  The paint has deteriorated significantly since these pictures were taken.  We sent a few emails to some companies to see if anyone wanted to paint it or put a wrap on it with advertising, but so far we've had no takers..

We love to talk about the Trekster!  If you'd like to exchange ideas, just send a note to