The Adventures of BJ and Tony Morris

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Medical & Dental Humor
True Stories!

Dental Humor

I had some gum surgery in December that involved excising some bone tissue.  The dental insurance denied the bone excision part of the surgery indicating that it was a medical expense.  My insurance is through my husband's company so he appealed the claim, and went over to the insurance office to speak to the medical representative about it.  He explained that it was a medical expense related to a dental procedure.  She pulled up her files on the computer and said, "I have a claim here from December 17, could that be it?"  He said that it was, so she questioned him thoroughly about the dental procedure, repeatedly asking, "Are you SURE this is related to a dental procedure?"  He assured her that it was.  He returned to his office, called me and said, "You need to go to Dr. Calhoun, and get some more information."  To which I responded, "Tony, Dr. Calhoun is my gynecologist!"  We laughed and laughed.

That's not the end of the story...  The next day, I was talking to my husband on his cell phone about this.  He said, "The insurance company has requested that you get a letter from your dentist or your gynecologist explaining why he performed the procedure."  I responded, "It just so happens that I have an appointment with my gynecologist (meaning dentist) tomorrow morning."  Just as I was saying this, the elevator doors opened, and the man on the elevator heard me say that.  Then Tony asked what my appointment was for, and I responded, "He's going to look at my teeth."  That poor man on the elevator had a very puzzled look on his face.

Friday, I went to the periodontist and told him the story.  When I got to the part about Dr. Calhoun being my gynecologist, he said, "Ah, different set of gums."

Medical Humor

I went to my gynocologist for my annual checkup.  After the examination, I left the examining room and went back to the doctor's desk for my consultation.  He said, "Everything looks fine except that there is a little more ovu this year."   I said, "What is ovu?"  He clarified, "Of you."  I still didn't understand, so I asked, "What is ovu?"  He enunciated this time, "OF YOU."  Frustrated, I asked again, a little louder and slower, "WHAT - IS - OVU?"  He said, "You've gained a little weight."   I finally understood what he had been saying, "Ohhhhhhhhh, OF ME!"