The Adventures of BJ and Tony Morris

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Emma is the only grandchild on Tony's side of the family, so you know she is the center of the universe!  She has the biggest most beautiful eyes you've ever seen.  It took her awhile to grow hair, but once she did, boy, did she!

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Emma loved cheese as a baby.  I think her first word may have been "cheese".  She'd make this really gutteral sound when she said it.  To this day, Tony and I still say cheese that way.

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Emma is very smart!  Her parents started her out with lots of educational toys and it really paid off.  She's artistic too.  Her grandmother spends lots of time doing art projects with her.

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Emma is quiet and shy until she warms up to people, but her mom says that she is exactly the opposite when she gets on stage.  We haven't seen her perform yet, but we are hoping to get to soon!  Emma has passed the critical age now, so we are hoping to get to take her on some trips!  You see, Delta's policy for stand-by travelers is that they must be at least eight to sit in first class.  Since many times, the only seats available are in first class, we usually try not to travel with kids under eight, lest we should get stuck somewhere and have no way home!

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