The Adventures of BJ and Tony Morris

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London, England
November 2001
"Can this be the same child???"

What a difference 3 years makes! Can this be the same child we took to Italy? The one who wanted plain noodles, got sick, locked himself in the bathroom, fell a lot, and had nosebleeds? On this trip, he navigated the subway, never lost anything, was very polite, tried seafood, duck, and Indian food.

01b19001 LGW Jared on DL12.JPG (45658 bytes)

Day one, we saw Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guard.

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01b20002 LGW Changing of Guards.JPG (28988 bytes)

01b20013 LGW Buckingham Palace Group.JPG (46103 bytes) 01b20014 LGW Buckingham Palace Jared.JPG (40489 bytes)

We took the Birdcage Walk in St. James Park, stopping to take a picture on the bridge, then we walked up Regents Street and Picadilly Circus, down Haymarket Street past the National Gallery.

01b20015 LGW Group Picture.JPG (59359 bytes)

The kids frolicked on the bronze lions at the Trafalgar Square.

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Then it was down Whitehall past 10 Downing Street and on to Westminster Abbey and Westminster Bridge.

01b20023 LGW Westminister Abbey.JPG (85520 bytes) 01b20024 LGW Westminister Abbey.JPG (42958 bytes) 01b20025 LGW Westminister Abbey.JPG (46343 bytes) 01b20026 LGW Wheel Jared.JPG (53007 bytes)

We took a break at the Florence Nightingale pub before doing a little shopping in Harrods. The subway took us back to our neighborhood where we had great pizza and pasta at a restaurant called “Ask”.

wpe139.jpg (20396 bytes) 01b21001 LGW Ask Restaurant BJ.JPG (27792 bytes)

Day two, we took the subway to Tower Hill.

01b21002 LGW Tube Jared McLean BJ Claire Sandy.JPG (57650 bytes) 01b21003 LGW Tube David Nancy Scott Tony.JPG (59778 bytes)

There we posed with the statue of Augustus Caesar, and then toured the Tower of London. 

01b21004 LGW Tower of London Map.JPG (53150 bytes) 01b21005 LGW Caesar Augustus.JPG (52904 bytes) 01b21005a LGW Caesar Augustus.JPG (65243 bytes) 01b21006 LGW Coronation Chair Jared.JPG (26451 bytes) 01b21006a LGW Coronation Chair Jared.JPG (29079 bytes) 01b21007 LGW Tower Bridge Tony BJ Jared.JPG (45944 bytes)

Across the Tower Bridge, we had lunch at a pub, and then let the kids play a little soccer at Hyde Park.  We took a side trip to the Hard Rock Café, and then had Pizza at a little place near Earl’s Court.

Day three, we took a long trip to Hampton Court Palace where they had a great maze that we really enjoyed getting lost and finding our way out of. 

01B22011 LGW Hampton Court Jared.JPG (36812 bytes)

After touring the Palace, we stopped for Pizza and then went to the Chelsea Soccer shop.  We took the train back to our neighborhood.

01b22014 LGW Train Jared Claire.JPG (44557 bytes) 01b22016 LGW Tube Jared Tony.JPG (30962 bytes)

This was Thanksgiving, so we had Indian food.  We substituted Duck for Turkey.

Oh - I forgot to mention that Jared was strip-searched at EVERY airport security checkpoint.

01b23001 LGW ATL Airport Security Jared.JPG (25182 bytes)

We had a great time!  We're ready for our next opportunity to travel with this new Jared!

BJ and Tony Morris