The Adventures of BJ and Tony Morris

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JHS Class of 1976
25 Year Reunion 2001

Thought you might be interested in knowing what the Jefferson High School Class of 1976 is up to these days.  You know what I've been doing, so here's what I learned about the rest...

Macko still has some moonshine buried in the chicken house.  He brought a quart jar of it to the reunion  (I didn't partake).  Sammy was still wearing the same camouflaged "CAT" hat that he wore all through High School.  Cindy had lost 100 lbs and is getting re-married in 2 weeks.  Donnette has a 16 month old baby.  4 people have died:  Jay from complications related to AIDS; Hal in a tractor accident; John in a truck accident; Joy was beaten to death by her husband (now in Reidsville Prison).  Claudine is a grandmother.  Macko has been married 4 times and has several grandchildren.  He wasn't sure how many.  Fulton told me, "I hope you'll take this as a compliment, but you look a LOT better than you did in high school."  Kay & Ben (high school sweethearts) had gotten a divorce since the last reunion.  Charlene had just gotten re-married.  Russell claimed to be a condom tester.  Fulton accidentally moved to Commerce.  He didn't realize until after he had bought the land & built his house that it was in Commerce (our rivals).  He never would have bought it if he had known.  In Danny's bio, in the section under "What are you doing now, he said he is "Eating, drinking, & having sex."  Willis is in Milledgeville in rehab.  Sammy & Macko rode to the reunion together & had arranged for a wrecker to come at 12:30AM to take them & Sammy's truck home so they wouldn't get caught driving drunk.

Don't you wish you had gone to school with me?????