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I'm Adopted!

Hi!  Hello!  Yip!  Yip!

My name is Lucy.  My birth mom is a Chihuahua named Pixie.  She was an unwed mother out roaming the streets when she was picked up by Gwinnett Animal Control.  I don't really know what it was like at Gwinnett Animal Control but I think it was like being in Jail.

Anyway, my mom got bailed out by these people from the Society of Humane Friends of GA, Inc.  She went to live with a foster family.  A little while later, on August 8, 2009, my mom gave birth to quadruplets.  My mom decided to give us up for adoption because she didn't have a job and couldn't take care of us.  She applied for welfare, but they don't give that to dogs.  Maybe one day when I am rich and famous, I will look her up.  She wouldn't tell me who my daddy was.  She just said he was a ramblin' man, but I think he was related to Elvis.

I stayed with my foster mom for almost 13 weeks.  My brothers and sisters were all adopted before me because they were big enough to have something called a 'peration.  I am going to have one too one day.  Right now I'm not big enough.  I'm going to get spayed.  I don't know what that is, but it sounds like fun!  While I am getting spayed, they are going to fix my 3 hernias.  I didn't even know they were broken.  I have so much to learn.

After my mom and all of my brothers and sisters left, I was SO lonely.  My foster mother decided to find me a new family before my 'peration.  She put my picture on the internet at  My new family saw me and put in a 'plication.  My foster mom read the 'plication to me and I liked what the new family had planned for me.  We arranged to meet at the Petco in Snellville.

As soon as my new mommy got there she took me out of the crate and held me.  I shivered with excitement but she thought I was cold so she held me closer.  My new daddy held me while Mommy wrote down some things and gave somebody some money.

While we were waiting, one of my brothers showed up with his new mom!  He was here to get a shot.  I felt sorry for him.

My mommy wanted me to go poop before we got in the car but I didn't need to so I just sat on her shoes.  We stopped on the way home and walked through some grass so I could sit on her shoes again.  We had a long drive, but I didn't get sick or anything.

When I got to my new house, I found that I had lots of new brothers and sisters, but they wouldn't play with me.

My mommy and daddy played with me all day long.  My mommy even held me like a baby while I slept.

That night they put me in a crate.  I liked it okay, but they locked me in and I didn't like that.  I cried for about 10 minutes but they didn't come to get me out so I went to sleep.  I needed to poop in the middle of the night and I didn't know what I was going to do, but as soon as I started moving around, my mom was there and she took me outside.  She seemed so pleased when I pooped!  I think I'll do that again because it makes her so happy.

My mommy said she named me Lucy after somebody named Lucille Ball and a TV show called "I Love Lucy".  She said if I make a mistake, she's going to say, "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do", but I don't plan to make any mistakes!

So far, I've met lots of people and a few dogs.  I got slapped down by the German Shepherd puppy who lives next door.  I was surprised and wanted my mommy to pick me up.

My favorite toy is my new skunk.  I would like to play with the  laser beam but I can't seem to catch it.  I like to lay on top of the bear skin rug but my mommy won't let me chew on its toenails.

Here are a few more pictures that my mom took of me.  She wants to get a picture of me next to a coke can so you can see how big I am, but I don't like to sit still to be photographed.  I only weight 3 pounds so you can imagine how big I am.



Well, it is time for my nap now.  I will try to write some more when I wake up!

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Lucy Morris