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I'm the BIG sister!

Hi!  Hello!  Meow!  Meow!

My name is Lola.  I'm kind of, well, big for my age.  I am sixteen weeks old and I already weigh five pounds.  The doctor thinks I will weigh 15-16 pounds when I am grown up.

I live with my new mommy and daddy and my new little sister Lucy.  I am bigger than Lucy so my mommy and daddy say I have to be careful not to hurt her.  I try to play with Lucy but all she wants to do is bite me.  She chases me around and around the house pulling my tail and biting my neck.  I don't know how much longer I can take this.  Sometimes I slap at her with my paws but I never put my claws out.  Mostly I just jump up on something high so she can't reach me.


My daddy wants to toilet train me so he tried putting my litter box on top of the toilet but I couldn't find it very easily so he has put it by the bathroom door now.  The only problem is that Lucy annoys me every time I try to get a little "quiet" time to do my business.  When I AM able to do my business, Lucy tries to eat my poop which makes my mommy REALLY mad.  Sometimes I go out in the back yard and bury it, but Lucy finds it and eats it anyway.  I don't know what to do about this.  Mommy said she might give me some pills to make my poop taste bad.  I am not excited about this.  I bet the pills don't taste very good.

I like Lucy's food better than my food, but the doctor said that I have to eat kitty food because it is better for me.  I would really like some people food.  Last night my mommy and daddy had some BBQ pork and I tried everything I knew to get some.  I jumped on the counter and tried to rip through the plastic bag, but Mommy caught me and knocked me off of the counter.  I fell right into my water bowl!  I smelled of Daddy's fingers and they smelled just like BBQ so I bit him.  I didn't mean to but they smelled so good.  He dripped blood on the kitchen floor and Mommy put a band-aid on his finger.

When Lucy and I get sleepy, we like to sleep together in Mommy or Daddy's lap.  I purr very loudly so they will know that I am happy.  Yesterday, I was dreaming that I was still with my birth mother and I started nursing on one of Lucy's teeny tiny nipples.  My daddy thought that was really funny and I was embarrassed when I woke up and saw what I had done.


Mommy and Daddy let me and Lucy sleep in the bed with them at night.  Sometimes I wake up and I am bored because everyone else is sleeping so I wander around the bedroom hoping they will wake up.  If they don't I start "accidentally"  knocking things off so they will get up to see what I am doing.

My favorite toy is a pink finger puppet that my mommy gave me.  I have a cat-nip mouse but every time I try to play with it Lucy takes it away from me.  In fact, she takes everything away from me.  One of these days I'm going to smack her with my claws out.  Oh, I didn't mean to say that out loud.  Please don't tell my mommy and daddy I said that.

Well, I have to go now.  I think Lucy is asleep so I am going to try to get some "quiet" time.  I'll write more later.

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Lola Morris