The Adventures of BJ and Tony Morris

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The BJ Birthday Calendar

A little history on the calendars. Way back in the good old days when we were young and could eat anything we wanted
without gaining weight, people at Delta used to have what we called "food days" to honor those celebrating a birthday.
In order to plan my culinary itinerary, it became necessary to compile information on when and where one of these
"food days" might be held. People were amazed at how I was able to sniff out these celebrations, and began asking how
I did it. I shared with them the concept of the Birthday Calendar and I began to receive requests for them. Now that we
are older and many of us have gone our separate ways, the occasion of someone's birthday doesn't always mean a
dining experience, but it is still a good opportunity to remember each other. A phone call or note from an old friend on
your birthday is always (well usually) a welcome reminder of the past! Please use this calendar to remember each
other throughout 2017.

Click on the links below to access the calendar:

2017 Birthday Calendar

2016 Birthday Calendar

2015 Birthday Calendar

2014 Birthday Calendar

2013 Birthday Calendar

I wish blessings on you and your family throughout the year!