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Obertshausen, Germany
September 2005
"Meet the Schwarzes"

I almost forgot!  While BJ was out of town at the Delta Women’s Golf Tournament, I decided I HAD to do SOMETHING.  So, of course, I crossed the Atlantic.  With no other plan in mind except to visit the restaurant owned by our roommate’s sister’s fiancÚ (stop, think, breathe), I packed up and headed for the airport; destination Frankfurt.   (Did I forget to mention that BJ and I have a roommate?  She's a German intern who is with us for about 8 months.)  I boarded the first Atlanta to Frankfurt flight in Business Class without difficulty, and struck up a conversation with my seatmate.  He was, of course, Irish, flying to Frankfurt.  It turns out, it is cheaper for his company to fly him (at least, in Business Class) from Dublin to Frankfurt to Atlanta, and back, than it is to fly him from Dublin to Atlanta and back.  So he’s going the long way.  A little champagne, some warm nuts, a little red wine and it was time for a nap.  Six hours later, I awoke, on approach to Frankfurt.  Picking up my rental car, I headed off for the short drive to Obertshausen, home of Thomas’ (our roommate’s sister’s fiancÚ) restaurant,  zum Nachtwaechter (The Night Watchman). 

Oh heck.  I could bore you with all the details (one night in Obertshausen with dinner at zum Nachtwaechter, sleep at the Anthes (which I would recommend as a great place to stay when one is flying out of Frankfurt “tomorrow”), then a beautiful drive down to Heidelburg for a walk around the shopping streets and a night at the Hotel Zur Alten Brucke.  This was followed by another drive, via a different route, BACK to Obertshausen, for another dinner at zum Nachtwaechter and another night at the Anthes), but this write-up was mostly to let you meet our roommate's family & see the the restaurant, so I’ll cut it here and let the photos do the talking.

Meet Thomas, Carina's sister Sandra's fiancÚ and proprietor of zum Nachtwaechter.  He was an excellent host to a stranger in town.

050915000 07 FRA Thomas.JPG (58896 bytes) 050915000 10 FRA Thomas.JPG (64101 bytes)

The restaurant oozes history (built in the 1700s and was the home of the town's night watchman in the 1800s) and offers a cozy place for dinner.

050915000 08 FRA Restaurant Zum Nachwaster.JPG (60210 bytes) 050915000 09 FRA.JPG (59791 bytes)

BJ did such a good job of taking pictures of the food during our Paris trip that I wanted to do the same thing - except that most of the time I forgot to take the pictures until after I had eaten the item.

My appetizer, the remnants of which you can see here, was squid atop beets with creme frische.

 050915000 11 FRA Squid.JPG (46506 bytes)

This was followed by a course of prosciutto with ravioli and spinach.  This time I remembered to take the picture about midway through the dining experience.

050915000 14 FRA Procuitto.JPG (57193 bytes)

The Anselmann Cabernet was an excellent accompaniment to the meal.

050915000 13 FRA Anselmann Cabernet.JPG (38984 bytes)

Between courses, Carina's sister Sandra arrived.   She works a full time job during the day and helps out at the restaurant in the evenings.

050915000 15 FRA Thomas Sandra.JPG (60115 bytes) 050915000 16 FRA Thomas Sandra.JPG (60206 bytes)

The main course (I remembered to take a picture BEFORE I ate it!) was the house specialty.  It is shown here with Anca the hospitable server.

050915000 17 FRA Anca Sauerbrauten.JPG (40426 bytes)

After dinner, I went back to the hotel Anthes for the night.

050916000 01 FRA Hotel Anthes.JPG (59793 bytes) 050915000 02 FRA Hotel Anthes.JPG (50501 bytes)

The next day, I drove to Heidelburg and enjoyed the town's sights.  I made several stops at places we had been on previous trips.

050916000 09 FRA Heidelberg Cafe Vivo.JPG (69559 bytes) 050916000 10 FRA Heidelberg.JPG (64170 bytes)

050916000 11 FRA Heidelberg Brauhaus Vetter.JPG (70650 bytes) 050917000 03 FRA Heidelberg Castle.JPG (47224 bytes)

After a day in Heidelburg, I returned to Obertshausen for another meal at the zum Nachtwaechter and to meet Carina's mom.  This is Christine and her friend Bernd.

050917000 06 FRA Bernd Christine.JPG (76209 bytes)

Although I wasn't invited back into the kitchen, somehow my camera made it back there.  Here are Marcel (the other owner), Ahmed, and Thomas hard at work.

050917000 07 FRA Thomas.JPG (53651 bytes) 050917000 08 FRA Marcel Ahmed Thomas.JPG (67251 bytes)

050917000 09 FRA Thomas.JPG (54892 bytes)

Sandra works hard too!

050917000 10 FRA Sandra.JPG (26658 bytes)

At the end of the evening, everyone gets to relax with me over a glass of wine.

050917000 12 FRA Tony Thomas.JPG (53942 bytes) 050917000 15 FRA.JPG (73319 bytes)050917000 16 FRA Christine Tony Sandra.JPG (65675 bytes)

Tony Morris