The Adventures of BJ and Tony Morris

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Cinque Terre, Italy

September 2008

Transportation Connections

Malpensa Airport to Monterosso:

         Malpensa Airport Express Bus to Milan Centrale 7,5

o   Catch the bus outside Exit #6 - buy tickets from the driver

o   Bus ride takes a little over an hour

         Trenitalia to Monterosso 41 for 2

o    Restrooms at Train Station cost ,80 (exact change required)

o   Train ride takes almost 3 hours


Cinque Terre:

         Local Train 1,40 for 10KM or multi-day pass available (can be combined with Cinque Terre Park Pass


Monterosso to Milan Airport:

         Trenitalia to Milan Centrale (buy ticket before boarding train 50 fine)

         Malpensa Shuttle Bus to Milan Centrale 7



          Tourist Office - turn left out of train station

          Private Apartment (Rita Borelli) at via Zuecca, 14 19016 Monterosso (SP) Liguria Tel 0187/760083

o    35 per person - cash only

o    Room had 1 King bed & 2 bunks, 1 bathroom, kitchen, TV (in kitchen), no air conditioning

o   Through door at #14, up 2 flights of steps, through garden, up another flight of steps, through door, up another flight of steps (bring a flashlight)



          Hotel Flora - near Centrale Train Station - 100 - clerk reduced to 90 since we weren't staying for breakfast.



         Bar Centrale decent sandwich

         L'Alta Marea - popular restaurant, salty anchovies, decent pasta

         Nuovo Eden - On the beach in new section cheap food & wine



         Pizzaria al Taglio only tried the Farinata (not recommended), other food looked & smelled good



         Blue Marlin   good beer & pizza  



          Cafe Panzera - near Centrale train station - good food, rude staff

          Malmaison - near Hotel Flora - good food, rude staff



         Enoteca Sassarini - sidewalk cafe in New Town

         Enoteca Da Eliseoi - very old wine bar in plaza with outdoor seating



         Annasso Bar - on the waterfront - big yellow umbrellas

         La Planacia - Ice Cream place - very crowded, hard to get service

         Ristorante Aristide - At the entrance of the path to Riomaggiore


Cinque Terre

         Bar dell Amore - on the trail halfway between Vernazza and Riomaggiore - nice view



         Bar/Cafe A Pie De Ma Bar & Vini - perch out over the water & watch divers off of nearby rocks.  



         Bar Baldassarre - corner bar - rather expensive  


Cinque Terre

         Hiking - (sometimes steep) paths lead from down to town 

                o    Cinque Terre National Park Pass required - 5/day or multi-day including train available